Who support Bitcoin Cash (the complete list)

On Tuesday, August 1st at 4 AM (UTC), what many are describing as an altcoin will fork off from the main Bitcoin network. August 1st is also the scheduled activation of BIP 148, also known as the User Activated Soft

How to buy Ripple (XRP) in 3 Simple Steps

  What is Ripple? Ripple is a global settlement network, making it easy to transfer nearly any currency to anyone in the world in just seconds.  The Ripple platform has rendered the archaic system of sending money through SWIFT or

Mastercard joins the Ethereum Alliance – The Bitcoin News

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative, has recently grown by 34 new members, which is now up to 150 members. The EEA is a not-for-profit consortium, which focuses on the developments of ethers or

Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

In the past month I’ve been covering the best possible Bitcoin wallets of each type (Android, desktop and hardware). For the final post in this series I’d like to review the Bitcoin wallets available for iOS. Five years ago, your

[Review] Antminer T9 vs. Antminer S9

Note: this review assumes knowledge of the Antminer S9. If you’re unfamiliar with that device, see our detailed Antminer S9 review. Despite the recent AsicBoost and Antbleed scandals, Bitmain remains the world’s premier ASIC manufacturer. Their hardware is just that

Bitcoin for beginners: Blockchain, blocks, and miners

BTC.com is always looking to bring new users into the world of bitcoin. We understand, however, that the technology can seem overwhelming to someone with little experience using it. With that in mind, we have decided to create a series

Segwit2x, UASF and the Possible Fork

July 31st update – We’ve issued a complete list of who supports the fork and who doesn’t. This post complements the previous post we’ve written about the controversy within the Bitcoin community on March 2017. If you want a deeper understanding of what’s

How to Buy Zcash in 3 Simple Steps

What is Zcash (ZEC)? ZCash is a new project which is headed by Zooko Wilcox, that’s here to tackle one of bitcoin’s most urging issues – traceability. As you may or may not know Bitcoin isn’t completely anonymous. Zcash has

Antminer L3 / L3+ Scrypt Miner Review

Bitmain are (in)famous in the Bitcoin world, not only for producing the fastest available ASIC miners but for their AsicBoost and Antbleed scandals. With the powerful L3 Scrypt miner, Bitmain have expanded into Litecoin mining. Once again, their products supply

Bitcoin-Man is coming – The BTC Blog

Act quick, scan his QR codes, and win big The mysteriously masked Bitcoin-Man will spread real bitcoin in Amsterdam, on Saturday, July 15. Just who is Bitcoin-Man? Where has he come from? Is his mask made of real gold? Is