How to Buy Dash in 3 Simple Steps

  Note: If you’re looking to buy Dash for trading purposes only you may want to check out  Plus500 Dash CFD trading or Fortrade Dash CFD trading. Dash Is Digital Cash Dash is a popular open source, peer to peer (P2P), decentralized

Accidentally pay an 80BTC transaction fee? Please contact us for a refund!

Photo courtesy of Gratisography. Recently, mined a block containing a transaction that carried a staggering 80BTC fee. Obviously, something’s up with that. All things said and done, the correct fee should have been approximately 2BTC. If that was your

2017’s Best Bitcoin Desktop Wallets

Today’s post is about the best Desktop wallets available for storing your Bitcoins. Desktop wallets are wallets that store the private key for your Bitcoins on your hard drive. By nature, desktop wallets are more secure than mobile wallets (since