Hackers from North Korea Attempt to Steal Bitcoin

Hackers from North Korea have attempted to infiltrate several cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea, and some entities are saying that this action should serve as a wake-up call. One can definitely say that the country of North Korea is not

Dispute Resolution Within the Pally Community

Pally aims to connect like-minded people, enable better travel experiences and in turn bring the world closer together — across borders and cultures. Through innovative technology, a dedicated team and the right automated safety measures much is being done to

Jaxx Remains Indecisive on SegWit2x Support

There is still a lot of speculation regarding SegWit2x. That is not surprising as the deadline for activation draws near The question is whether or not all signees will honor the agreement signed several months ago. Some companies have pulled

Binance to Add Centra Tech CTR Token

Binance – the fastest growing global cryptocurrency exchange has announced that CTR — platform token of Centra Tech, is now tradable on Binance.com. Centra Tech, the Florida-headquartered blockchain startup, is a multi-blockchain debit card provider that allows users to spend

Binance to Include Support for IOTA Token

Binance – the fastest growing global cryptocurrency exchange has announced the inclusion of IOTA on the platform. With this new development, users can now start trading the cryptocurrency on Binance.com. IOTA is the world’s first public distributed ledger that goes

SEC Files Fraud Charges Against ICO Companies

The Securities and Exchange Commission has reportingly filed the first-ever civil fraud charges against an Initial Coin Offering.  Crackdown On ICOs Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are receiving a lot of attention from regulatory bodies and governments after raising over a

Japan Issues Cryptocurrency Exchange Licenses

In stark contrast to its neighbors China and South Korea, who are increasing efforts to ban ICO’s and the trade in digital currencies, The Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan approved 11 companies to operate cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. Exchanges