Bitcoin Used in SEC Market Manipulation Case

The Securities and Exchange Commission have charged day trader Joseph P. Willner with market manipulation and illegal use of brokerage accounts. It’s alleged that Willner managed to generate over $700,000 in profits from the scheme. He and an accomplice had

CME Group to Launch Bitcoin Futures Trading

The CME Group announced plans today to launch Bitcoin futures later this year as Bitcoin’s price reaches a new all-time high. The CME Group, renowned as the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, plans to launch Bitcoin futures trading

Mavin: Reward-Based Influencer Marketing on the Blockchain

October 17th, 2017 (Zurich, Switzerland) – Mavin will launch their ICO on November 22nd 2017. The Swiss startup will utilize blockchain technology to tokenize and revolutionize the way brands and agencies connect, incentivize and reward social media nano influencers for

Is the Blockchain Taking Gaming to the next Level?

Video games are a big deal. Increasingly, they are starting to feel like an international pastime as they perfectly blend entertainment, recreation, and socialization. According to recent studies, 4/5 Americans own some type of video game console and an impressive

Bonding ZAP for Fun and Profit

The biggest hurdle to the mainstream adoption of smart contracts is the oracle problem: the challenge of delivering trusted data to the blockchain. The Zap token (ZAP) is a deft market solution for incentivizing the creation and curation of useful

Bitcoin is the future, after all | Business

Bitcoin surged past $6,400 for the first time yesterday as an American derivatives exchange announced plans to sell futures contracts for the digital currency. The plans, announced by CME Group, would allow investors to trade in bitcoin in the same