Porsche ‘First’ To Test Blockchain Technology For Cars | News

Automobile manufacturer Porsche is exploring Blockchain apps in its vehicles in cooperation with the Berlin-based startup XAIN, Cointelegraph auf Deutsch reported yesterday, Feb. 27. In their press release published Feb. 22, Porsche stated that the company is “the first automobile

Crypto Culture Platform Coins A New Way To Stop Touts | News

Cultural Places, a platform specializing in connecting cultural institutions and visitors is vowing to clamp down on ticket touts through Blockchain technology. The Austrian Company wants to tackle the inflationary effect touts have on the secondary ticket market by introducing

Dragon Inc.’s DRG Token Not for High-Rollers Only

Another strategic partnership to integrate Dragon as a universally accepted utility token for the entertainment industry. (ASEAN – March 1, 2018) Dragon Inc., which is on track to drastically transform the high-stakes and the junket gambling marketplace through its Blockchain-based

Coinbase: BTC Buys And Sells Issue Resolved, Bitcoin P… | News

Digital currency exchange and wallet service Coinbase has resolved the issue of intermittent availability for BTC buys and sells, the platform reported today, Feb. 28 at 08:24 PST. It took the Coinbase maintenance crew almost seven hours to investigate and

Square Sees Bitcoin as a ‘Transformational Technology,’ Could Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. Digital payments firm Square views Bitcoin as a “transformational technology,” and analysts predict that the company could one day launch a cryptocurrency exchange. Bitcoin a ‘Transformational Technology,’

Rolecoin – a Groundbreaking Blockchain-Based Platform for Skill & Career Development, Announces ICO

RoleCoin, a revolutionary digital currency in the edtech space aimed to promote STEAM skills and career development globally announced its crowdsale starting April 15, 2018. RoleCoin will fuel the proof of progress economy in education through the STEAMRole app which

IOTA Threatens Researchers and Denies Critical Flaw – but Fixes it Anyway

Over the weekend, various high-level security researchers and academic cryptographers gave cryptocurrency project IOTA a failing grade – exposing a critical weakness and suggesting investors sell their coins while asking researchers to ignore or abandon the project. ‘Extremely Embarrassing’ The

Goldman Sachs Investment Chief: Crypto ‘Bubble’ Burst… | News

The chief investment officer (CIO) of the Investment Strategy Group at Goldman Sachs, Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani, said in an interview with Business Insider on Feb. 27 that cryptocurrencies are in a bubble, which, when it bursts, will impact only 1 percent

Porsche Begins Testing Blockchain Integration With Its Vehicles

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. Big things are happening over in Zuffenhausen, Germany, headquarters of Porsche. According to a Porsche press release, the automobile powerhouse is making a major push towards integrating blockchain technology

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Stays Bullish On BTC Price, Sees M… | News

Co-founder and Fundstrat strategist Tom Lee has repeated his prediction that Bitcoin (BTC) will reach $20,000 by mid-year and $25,000 by the end of the year. He also expects at least three publicly traded corporations to issue their own cryptocurrencies

Germany Won’t Tax You for Buying a Cup of Coffee With Bitcoin

Germany won’t tax bitcoin users for using the cryptocurrency as a means of payment, the Ministry of Finance has said. The guidance, published Tuesday, sets Germany apart from the U.S., where the Internal Revenue Service treats bitcoin as property for