Saudi Arabian Communications Ministry Hosts ‘Blockchain Bootcamp’ With ConsenSys

The government of Saudi Arabia completed a “blockchain bootcamp” last week, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) announced in a press release April 29. The session was focused on building Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). The

Why Invest in NEO?

NEO is the first Chinese cryptocurrency to gain global acceptance, and as a result, has generated huge amounts of interest – both in terms of investment and media coverage. Created by Da Hongfei and his company Onchain, it was originally launched

How Algorithms Can Assist with Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have come a long way in a short span of time. The value of bitcoin in 2011 was just $0.06 and had virtually no takers. Fast forward to the present day and the very cryptocurrency now

SEC Commissioner: We Are Focused On Protecting Investors from ICOs

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) views that all Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) should be regulated as securities but when asked if they will ban or regulate the market, an SEC commissioner made it clear he was not suggesting either

6 Reasons Why WAVES Is Undervalued Right Now

At just under $6.84 per coin, Waves (WAVES) is currently the 38th most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Given everything the platform has to offer, it’s rather obvious that the coin’s current price is incredibly undervalued. Here are 6 reasons

Bitcoin Price Analysis: $10K, Are We There Yet?

Will Bitcoin bore traders with a second day of sideways trading or are we bracing for the long-awaited breakout over $10k? Market Overview Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have ascended at a steady pace over the last 3 weeks and it

AI Powered Exchange Rate Forecaster Cryptics Launches MVP

Cryptics, a company developing a platform for AI-based cryptocurrency exchange rate forecasting, has announced the release of its minimum viable product (MVP), which is to become available on April 30th. An earlier version of the platform’s MVP is also accessible

Binance to Invest $15 Million in Bermuda as Crypto Regulations Advance

Regulation While some governments say they see the potential future benefits of a local cryptocurrency hub, more proactive jurisdictions are already reaping the rewards. The latest example comes from Bermuda, which is rapidly advancing its receptive crypto

Technical Analysis for May 1, 2018

The race for supremacy continues and here we have two coins out bidding each other: EOS and Tron. While we expect them to launch their mainnet in less than 40 days, their respective price spike means their valuation rank in