Skycoin Freezes Funds After Staff ‘Take CEO Hostage’ And Steal 18 BTC

Allegations of criminal activity continue at Skycoin as executives freeze funds to contain fallout from a theft by the coin’s own marketing team. 18 BTC, Skycoins Stolen In ‘Burglarization’ Skycoin, which describes itself as “the most advanced blockchain platform in

Bitcoin App Square Market Cap Hits All-Time High after Earning Bitlicense

Open Positions at CCN: Full Time and Part Time Journalists Wanted. The market valuation of Square, the multi-billion dollar payments company of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, surged three percent overnight after the company obtained the BitLicense from the New York

Vietnam Internet Crackdown Damages Plans to Become Blockchain Hub

Vietnam legislators approved a cybersecurity bill on June 12 putting tighter rules on tech companies from the start of 2019. Vietnam has been recognised as a potential hub for blockchain activity but doubts still remain over regulatory uncertainty. New Cybersecurity

Freedom of the Press Foundation Now Accepts Five Cryptocurrencies

News On June 18 the non-profit organization the Freedom of the Press Foundation announced people can now donate five different cryptocurrencies to the organization that supports free speech, whistleblowers and the freedom of the press. The foundation details cryptocurrency donations

Asian Blockchain Investment Picks Up As Cryptocurrency Funds Suffer

The Financial Times has reported that profits for cryptocurrency hedge funds have taken a sharp decline, in direct correlation with the negative price action seen with the overall cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Down 35% In 2018 Hedge Fund Research,

Square Cash App Gets Bitcoin Trading License in New York

Square, a payment processing company owned by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has obtained a New York BitLicense. The firm announced the news on Twitter on June 18, 2018. The license grants approval for the company to offer Bitcoin trading services

Why Central Banks Are Really Fearful of Bitcoin

Central banks have no love lost for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Even though some positive things are happening, the overall sentiment remains predictably rather negative. The validity of cryptocurrencies and their decentralized technologies are still in question, especially by banks. It

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins See Mass Green as Crypto Markets Surge

The crypto markets are continuing to rise today, June 19, according to data from Coin360, after yesterday’s price spike leading to a gain of $13 billion in one hour following a week of lows. Market visualization from Coin360 Bitcoin (BTC)

‘Flaws’ in Japan’s Biggest Crypto Exchanges Face Regulator’s Warnings

Open Positions at CCN: Full Time and Part Time Journalists Wanted. A handful of major Japanese exchanges including bitFlyer, Japan’s biggest and best-funded crypto trading platform, are facing business improvement orders from the country’s financial regulator and watchdog. A failure