Huge Chinese Retailer Launches Open Blockchain Platform

One of China’s largest retailers,, is launching a blockchain platform. The idea behind the JD Blockchain Open Platform is to allow the company’s enterprise customers to develop their own applications based on the innovative and disruptive technology. Hopes

Coinbase Seeks Patent for Security-Enhanced Bitcoin Payment System

U.S.-based digital currency exchange Coinbase has filed a patent on a new bitcoin payment system designed to make cryptocurrency payments safer. The new platform will provide an added layer of security for users’ keys and allow them to make bitcoin

Norwegian Mining Company Receives Bomb Threat Escalating Noise Complaint

Featured Kryptovault, a Norwegian company specializing in “large-scale cryptocurrency mining and data center operations,” has recently received a bomb threat amid escalating noise complaints pertaining to its virtual currency mining. Also Read: Funds Frozen, Account Closed: UK Banks Target Cryptocurrency Owners

UK Regulator Warns Investors of Rising Cryptocurrency Scams

The Financial Conduct Authority, UK’s financial watchdog, is reminding consumers that cryptocurrency scams are rising in the country. Residents in the United Kingdom who decide to invest in Bitcoin or any other virtual currency are not protected by the regulatory

Equity Trust Forges a New Path for Crypto-Based IRA Investments

Asset diversification has long been touted as a critical strategy for wealth building. This method of portfolio management, which traditionally involves a mix of stocks, fixed assets and commodities allows for maximum return at the least amount of risk —

Bitcoin’s Non-Correlation Shows Risk of Diversifying Cryptocurrencies

The belief that cryptocurrencies have a correlation to traditional markets may be leading amateur investors down the wrong path putting their portfolio at risk. Cryptocurrency Not Inversely Correlated to Larger Markets There’s been plenty of discussion on whether Bitcoin and

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