Finally, crypto shopping without converting to fiat

It seems like just yesterday crypto was a few of us nerds, sending each other 20 bitcoins for a pizza, and mining with our laptops. But boy how the community has grown – to millions of crypto holders around the world today – and we’re still very much lacking the ability to buy the things we really care about, like concert tickets, coffee down the block, video games and Vitalik themed T-Shirts.

Well, our wait is over now that Zeex, a new blockchain company, is bringing some big brands into the crypto game like Amazon, Nike, Ticketmaster, Starbucks, Xbox, Playstation, and hundreds more.

From Zeex’s website

‘’We all got into crypto a few years ago, and have always been frustrated that we couldn’t really buy anything we wanted with it, save a few choice items.’’ Zeex’s CEO, Guy Melamed told Daily Bitcoin News reporter. ‘’That’s when we decided to create a solution, and together with Zeek we’re going to connect to all the brands they work with.’’

Zeek is a discounted gift card behemoth, selling over $100M of gift cards in 2017 alone, and is the sister company of Zeex, helping bring major brands into the Zeex crypto shopping marketplace. Zeek is the base we’re building on from, they give us the foundation, but other “Zeeks” around the world will join soon.

Zeex works in a simple way – they have a marketplace with 350 major brands (like Amazon, Nike etc) that offer virtual gift cards you can buy with their Token. This means, at the end of the ICO, you’ll be able to buy in any of the brands mentioned above and many more, with a few taps, using your crypto.

‘’For us it was very important that our process is super simple, because the pure advantage of not having to convert to fiat is huge. With Zeex you can now buy the things you need with no fiat and no fees.’’

According to Guy, Telegram early users enjoy a unique airdrop that will grant them dollars to spend in major brands today. You can join Zeex’s telegram and be among the first to join the conversation, get updates and be part of the solution.