Hackers steal one million francs from two Swiss people in IOTA

The Zurich police in the Cybercrime department have two cases in which Iota stolen with a total value of one million francs. The two ads were received at the end of last year by two individuals, as police spokesman Beat Jost said to 20 minutes.

According to Jost, Cybercrime’s specialists are currently busy securing electronic tracks. According to the police spokesman, there are regular ads to scam in cryptocurrencies, only the taciturn is deeper. A statistics does not lead the canton police Zurich.

The investigators assume that the perpetrator has come into possession of parts of the private key of the user. The rest of the key could have been cracked using a brute force attack. Brute force is the name of a hacking method, where a simple software tries out very many combinations of characters in a very short time, until the right one is found. With this hacked key and other activities, the perpetrators could commit Iota theft.


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