How to join the Crypto Community? – The BTC Blog

You’ve heard of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but you simply don’t know what should be your next step? Where to start, what to read, who to follow? We will give you some hints on where to start and then it will be up to you to carve your own path into this space.

Reddit 🛠

Reddit is known as the front page of the internet and is supported by a passionate community. The most important aspect on Reddit is the capacity for every one to participate and share their thoughts, their fears and questions about the blockchain and crypto space.

As long as you follow the “house rules” of the subreddits, you can comment, follow, upvote or downvote posts and by doing so you will be directly participating in the community. Follow these subreddits to learn more about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies;

  • r/btc (over 205K subscribers!️)
  • r/BitcoinBeginners
  • r/CryptoCurrency

Twitter ⚒

Another prominent online platform is Twitter, where all the thought leaders share their ongoing projects and ideas about the future of the crypto space. Comment, like and tweet your thoughts to directly interact with the community. In order to stay sharp and well informed you can start following various crypto opinion leaders such as;

  • Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum)
  • Elizabeth Stark (Founder of Lightning Labs)
  • JihanWu (Founder of Bitmain)
  • Roger Ver (Founder of
  • Andreas Antonopoulos (Mastering Bitcoin)
  • Alejandro De La Torre (VP Business Operations

Youtube 🔩

If you like learning by watching videos, head to Youtube to follow the top crypto channels. Youtube also allows you to directly interact with other crypto enthusiasts in the comment section. Don’t hesitate to message to your favorite Youtuber for more information!

Telegram ⚙️

Finally, my last recommendation is Telegram. It’s a very popular messaging app for ICOs, coins and like minded groups. Remember you can always mute or delete a chat. Do your research and be sure to double check the information you read.

Local meetups/conferences

Of course let’s not forget the real world! There are plenty of options to directly meet people who are passionate about crypto and ready to share their knowledge with you. Depending on where you live you may be surrounded by crypto enthusiasts or you might have to travel a little, but it’s worth the effort. is a convenient way to discover local crypto communities near you.

You’ve been #Cryptokited

With this guide, you are ready to jump into the cryptocurrency community. As a takeaway, we recommend you to always do your own research and choose projects and topics that resonate with you. Read, listen a discuss a lot! With time you will build a critical mindset that helps you stay safe from low quality projects.