ICO Review of Cajutel : (CAJ tokens on Ethereum blockchain)

CAJ is going to be one of the most reliable ICOs on ethereum network. Even though, Ethereum is just a place for CAJ to fund, It was expected that Cajutel will be available on leading currency exchanges like New York stock exchange but last time decision taken by the CEO of the company Andreas Fink to launch the company’s initial offerings as the ICO in  ethereum blockchain as reported by icorating.com correspondent.

CAJ will conduct its crowdsale from 18 August 2017! The provided tokens will act like real shares in the company and will be available on various exchanges for trading. All the token holders will be shareholders of the company Hence, whatever happens, if someone has a token, he will be able to legally claim that he owns a share as per the company’s official spokespersons.

Here are the key findings of Cajutels ICO’s

  • Andreas Fink is CEO he was involved in telecommunication industry since 1992.  he started up with Ping Net GmbH in Switzerland in the starting days of internet technology which was later brought by World Online International a pan European internet service provider which went IPO shortly after. Furthermore, he worked with many giant tele industries. In 2010 he invested in EMax a failing network and converted it into the speediest network of Iceland and later sold it in 2013  
  • David Vine is CTO. He has build TV and radio broadcast stations and MMDS relays in Senegal and Guinea-Bissau and knows very well on how to build low cost networks and how to deal with African government and institutions and has an experience of 25 long years in different areas of africa and familiar with the environment and he has a vision to develop the first fastest 4G network in Africa.
  • CAJ offering company Cajutel sarl is a Guinea-Bissau based association under Swiss proprietorship. The association is being started as a mobile framework in Iceland in 2007 and worked EMAX a rustic wireless system and company have cognizance of operations to be grasped to develop web advancement in remote extents.
  • The company claims that they will provide the speediest web around 10X to 100X speedier than the present suppliers in the western Africa with a 30% reduced cost. As per telecom statics in western Africa it seems to be the game changing event but nothing can be assured before it comes to the ground.
  • Still, there are plenty of questions which should be answered by company spokespersons few of them are :

why they need an Initial Coin Offering for an infrastructure development program?

How CAJ tokens will be used?

What will be the future of the Cajutel and what are the expansion plans?

Aside to all these questions company’s core team is looking quite confident in the delivery of the project and also this project is looking more realistic and focused on solving a real world problem which will be a great thing for ICO platform’s because as of now most of the ICO’s are based on fancy sci-fi stuff.

CAJ is going to try to penetrate a new kind of a market. The market for 4G technology the speediest and most cost-effective internet service in Africa where people are untouched by internet technology a purely virgin market for Cajutel to became Country’s best telecom industry .

The Market is still ready for new products, but they must outweigh the existing ones. Can Cajutel become better than Existing telecom? Yes , of course the present telecom service aren’t even offering 3G,At this era Cajutel will be able to deliver 4G before Any company becomes the giant that cannot be taken down due to its advantages and the critical mass of needed resources.

Everything will be in hand of future but still, this ICO seems promising for good return on investment.

For those want to know more,

Visit – www.cajutel.io, www.cajutel.gw

Please download Whitepaper from-https://cajutel.gw/whitepaper.pdf

Media Contact – Sachin Bhargava, sachin@cajutel.com

Technical enquiry Contact: Andreas Fink, afink@cajutel.com