LocalBitcoins Suspends Accounts From Africa


LocalBitcoins, a top-rated peer-to-peer trading platform, has suspended trading accounts from several African countries according to an email circulating the internet.

According to an email shared by a trader with a Kenyan blog, LocalBitcoins provided a list of countries affected by the account suspension.

The reason cited in the email claims that the European Union defines these countries as areas that require “an enhanced due diligence process.”

Countries mentioned in the email include Ethiopia, Botswana, Tunisia, Libya, Nigeria, and Ghana. Reports reaching us also indicate that some other African countries not stated on the list might have also been affected by the suspension.

A trader gets a response from LocalBitcoins confirming account suspension.
Source: BitcoinKE

Traders affected by the suspension can withdraw their funds or wait till their accounts are re-verified and activated.

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