Make your customers happy with the mobile design of your site

When you visit any public place where people have to wait for something or someone for a few hours, you will always see that a majority of them are holding phones in hands. And they are surfing websites or social networks. What if they decided to visit your website. How does it look like on a screen of a mobile phone?

The right mobile design will make people surf your site and buy your goods or services. People will always find another site if they consider yours hard to navigate. Take a look at the analytics and see what types of devices your site visitors use. And scroll down to see how you can improve experience of mobile phone users.

Check your site
Take a few different phones and go to your website. Imagine yourself being your average customer. What do you like or dislike? Is it easy to access pages that you need? Try to go along the same route as if you wanted to order something on the site and make notes what works fine and what you should improve. Use as many different models of the phones as you can find. You can take different versions of Samsung, iPhone and ask your friend to borrow a tab for a few minutes.

Responsive design vs one more site
There are two opinions regarding this question. If you think that having a separate version of the website is the best choice for you, you can make a redirection from the main version of the website to the mobile one. Or you can develop an app for every OS separately. You will have a quick work of the website. If you want to use a responsive design, mobile users will access all the features that desktop users have access to. But it may work slower in some cases.

Choose your way
There’s no one single solution for all the websites and all the businesses. To let your site visitors have a positive experience, you should pick up pro web developers for your team. You will get practical tips about the design of the website to guarantee that users will find what they want. If you want to make all your customers happy, make sure that the mobile version of the website looks fine on any screen of a mobile device.

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