Pibexa Review – Achieve your Investment Goals

There are different ways through which people can invest their money. All of these investment options have one goal; make as much profits as possible. Profit can distinguish a reliable and good investment from an unsound one. The problem with profitable investments is that they give these returns over a long period of time, which can be incredibly frustrating for those who have to earn quick returns. Therefore, it is perfectly normal for investors to look for alternatives that enable them to make high profits as quickly as possible. Trading in the forex market is one such activity that can make it happen and to get started, you just need a broker.

There are a horde of online brokers giving people the opportunity to trade different financial assets, including forex currency pairs. One of these include Pibexa, a broker that was established last year for providing clients access to the forex market through its professional trading platform. It has earned the reputation of being one of the best Forex trading service providers because it provides access to features and services specifically needed in this market, thereby providing traders with a more comprehensive and effective trading experience.

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With Pibexa, every trader can achieve their investment goals because of its useful features. Some of these are highlighted below:

Feature 1: User-friendly Trading Platform

Pibexa has chosen to provide its clients with a web-based platform, which means traders don’t have to deal with the hassle of downloading it for executing trades. Any internet-enabled browser can be used for accessing the trading platform, which is equipped with all essential trading tools. The problem is user-friendly, offers speedy execution with one-click trading and provides access to trading signals, alerts and charting and risk management tools.

Along with this option, Pibexa has also developed a mobile app for trading on iOS and Android devices. This is a great solution for those who enjoy trading on the move. It is highly flexible and is powered by advanced technology to help every trader in having a smooth trading experience no matter where they are.

Feature 2: Compliance with Security Regulations

When you start trading in the financial market, you should definitely take a look at a broker’s security measures before committing your funds and information to their platform. If brokers are unable to protect their platform from dubious activities, it is best to steer clear of them. Security is paramount for Pibexa and this is made obvious through their compliance with security regulations. The broker has implemented AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) that verify the information of every trader before giving them access to your trading platform.

Secondly, Pibexa is also known to follow account segregation for keeping customer funds safe. In this way, even the broker does not make use of their clients’ funds for any purpose. There is also strong encryption used for protecting all information and communication shared by the traders with the brokers. Their goal is to maintain the privacy of their customers and to prevent theft of customer credentials.

Feature 3: In-Depth Educational Resources and Trading Tools

A variety of educational resources and trading tools are offered by Pibexa for helping its clients in making well-informed decisions. The educational resources provided by the broker cover a range of topics related to the forex market and can provide insight to beginner and seasoned traders alike. There are e-books and videos, along with webinars that are quite useful.

Along with these resources, Pibexa has also incorporated numerous trading tools to assist their clients. You can take advantage of trading signals, access the latest news, use different order types and keep track of market events through an economic calendar. There is also a social trading feature that enables traders to copy the trades made by skilled and expert traders, thus allowing them to earn profits.

Feature 4: Dynamic Trading Account Options

To facilitate every trader who wishes to sign up with them, Pibexa has added four dynamic trading account options. Traders are given the opportunity to choose an account, depending on how much they want to invest and the features they want to be able to use. The four account options are mentioned below:

Silver Account: This is the most basic account that Pibexa offers to its clients and can be opened with a small deposit of €250, which can be increased to no more than €999. With such a low investment, the risk is minimal and traders can access the Academy and e-books when they open this account. Newbies can sign up with this account to become acquainted with the market.

Gold Account: Opened with a deposit of €1,000, this trading account is the second option at Pibexa and is best for traders with some experience under their belt. Along with features of the Silver account, a dedicated account manager is provided because now traders are capable of taking bigger risks. This is because the maximum investment that can be made under this account is €4,999.

Platinum Account: The account option that Pibexa has added for seasoned traders is the Platinum account and it boasts a variety of features that can be accessed in just €5,000 initial deposit. Your maximum investment can be €34,999 under this account option. This account gives you a senior account manager and trading signals to use. You also get expert analyst trading sessions and 100% bonus of the account balance. No withdrawal fee is applicable and it is an interest bearing account.

Diamond Account: Aimed at professional traders, the Diamond account at Pibexa can be opened with a deposit of €35,000 with no maximum limit. Access to full education, premium contract options and International MasterCard for deposits and withdrawals are just some of the perks traders can enjoy under this account.

Bottom Line

Pibexa is a customer-centric broker that provides its clients with the best opportunities to trade in the forex market. Your trading experience can undoubtedly be a seamless and enjoyable one, thanks to the broker’s comprehensive trading solutions.