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collaboration by Yonat Vaks, Chiefmonkey and

Buddha and Satoshi’s Teachings: How to Ascend From Fiat Samsara to Bitcoin Nirvana

Legend has it that the Bhavacakra, also known as the Wheel of Life, was created by the Buddha himself. It depicts the journey of the human soul through the trappings of the Samsara (cyclic existence of life) until they are able to ascend to Nirvana.

In our interpretation we have applied the teachings of Satoshi and shown how humans are trapped in the fiat Samsara and how we may escape, evolve and ascend as a species through the adoption of a bitcoin standard.

The Bhavacakra comes from the Buddhist religion, but since Bitcoin is all inclusive and this piece intends to incorporate all its qualities on several different levels, we have included symbols from other religions, cultures and times in history, both classical and modern.

Our Bitcoin Bahvacakra is hand drawn, laser cut then hand painted oak veneer with cowrie shell ornaments and Italian Smalti glass detailing. Within the Samsara Wheel, there are 21 individual paintings.