The Bitcoin Revolution: Everything You Need To Know To Take Profits


Bitcoin is soaring high in the cryptomarket once again, and experts are expecting a return of the bullish trend of 2017. The current Bitcoin price is $7,615 as of 23 May 6:56 AM UTC. This significant jump comes just six months after the Bitcoin price plummeted to a low of $3150 in December 2018. Since then, Bitcoin has experienced steady growth and gain in the market. However, in the last 30 days, the Bitcoin price peaked to $8,320.82, its highest price ever. This phenomenal jump occurred in a span of only 10 days breaking the Bitcoin record so far of significant gains made in short time frames. This positive growth has led to experts forecasting the Bitcoin price to hit the $20,000 mark by the end of this year.

Since entering the market almost 11 years ago, Bitcoin is still at the top of the global cryptocurrencies list. The current circulating supply of Bitcoin is at unbelievable 17,708,875 BTC. The market trend of the Bitcoin price has remained positive even when the currency did not maintain an uptrend. Cryptocurrency researchers believe that Bitcoin has the potential to grow up to a high of USD 50,000 within the next two years.

How to Profit from Bitcoin Investment

With the Bitcoin prices expected to go up within the next few months sharply, everybody is talking about investing in this cryptocurrency. And they are right to do so because there is no better time to invest in bitcoins than now.

Contrary to misconceptions about cryptocurrency investment, there are investment options that do not require a lot of capital or extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency trading. These low-risk investment options guarantee profits from small amounts of capital and are especially suitable for newbies in cryptocurrency trading. And such investment option is futures trading.

Futures Trading allows investors to trade contracts related to BTC and other cryptocurrencies with predetermined prices. Crypto futures trading make it possible for investors to make profits on both the uptrends and downtrends of the cryptocurrency market.

Futures contracts trading is the easiest and least complicated way to trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. How do you begin trading futures contracts?

Trade BTC Futures Contracts in Bexplus

Bexplus exchange was founded in Hong Kong and introduced in the cryptocurrency market in late 2017. Today it is the world’s leading Bitcoin futures trading platform and arguably the most progressive cryptocurrency exchange available. All this is due to its Futures Trading cryptocurrency exchange mode.

  1. Open a free Bexplus Exchange account.

Registration on the Bexplus exchange website is very easy, fast, and free. Without the requirements of completing a KYC procedure, you can be assured that there is no risk of your private information leaking. To secure your Bexplus account, you can set up a 2-step authentication process to grant access to your account.

  1. Deposit in your Bexplus Exchange account

The minimum trading amount on Bexplus is 0.0003BTC, which is a very affordable amount for cryptocurrency futures trading. Bexplus also gives its clients a 100% BTC bonus reward for any amount of bitcoins deposited, thus offering you a greater opportunity to earn more money.

  1. Practice BTC trading in the Bexplus trading simulator.

The Bexplus exchange website provides a trading simulator for every user. Beginners receive 10 free bitcoins to practice within the trading simulator so as to help you understand how crypto future trading works. Once you have become conversant with the system, you can choose your trading pair as well as either long or short perpetual futures contracts. The trading simulator also provides you with the options to set stop-loss and stop-profit points, giving you control over the risks you take with your cryptocurrency investment.

The 100x leveraged perpetual futures contracts provided by Bexplus exchange allow you to make 100% profit on 1% of Bitcoin price rising or falling even with a small amount of investment.

Consult Experts on the Bexplus Exchange

The Bexplus exchange website provides consulting services where you can get information about the latest cryptocurrency trends as well as crypto future trading tips. This consultation service comes in handy for beginners who want to seriously pursue investing in crypto futures trading. Becoming Bexplus’s VIP user, you will also get market analysis, prediction and trading strategies.

Bexplus exchange has made crypto futures trading easy to understand and accessible to anyone interested. And with the current positive trend in Bitcoin price, if you have ever been interested in Bitcoin investment, you may want to consider joining cryptocurrency trading soon.

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