The Exclusivity of OptiTokens Features May Also Impact Traditional Stock Market Model

Many investors find it difficult to make profits while trading cryptocurrencies, which is mainly due to the complicated nature of the industry which is subject to high volatility and manipulation. Beginners tend to follow unrealistic passing trends rather than following the “buy low and sell high” approach or using sophisticated trading tools. OptiToken solves this — one of the industry’s biggest problems.

About OptiToken

OptiToken is the world’s first “hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency.” It uses algorithmic trading activity to jet-fuel its adoption and nurture demand. By holding this cryptocurrency, users may benefit from constant price appreciation nurtured by round the clock automated trading driven by special algorithms. These trading algorithms embed strategies frequently used by professionals at high levels to often outpace bitcoin and other top cryptocurrency indexes such as top-3 or top-5 for example.

OptiToken- Disrupting the Traditional Industry Model

OptiToken works differently by incorporating exclusive features like Algorithm trading, Strategic scarcity and Buy pressure. Algorithmic trading exposes investors to the algorithm that consistently outpaces Bitcoin trading, 24/7. It has been developed upon data taken from professional traders and enables escalating integration of machine learning.  Strategic scarcity helps OptiToken to positively impact price through deflation as the percentage of the tokens bought back, is sent to an unspendable address that can be verified in a transparent way. It will be the first token who’s circulating supply will always be a decreasing function and never a constant or inflating supply which is something the founder Sean Donato argues, “should potentially be a feature of 99% of cryptocurrencies and that is something even Satoshi Nakamoto hinted is something special about cryptocurrency inadvertently in his original whitepaper when he said ‘Dead bitcoins are good bitcoins.’” The second disruptive feature employed by OptiToken is the Buy Pressure Strategy, in every buy cycle, a percentage of profits generated is used to purchase Optitokens on the market, hence, resulting in upward price pressure and garnering adoption and value for token holders. It’s similar to a stock buy-back tactic used in traditional finance, but by destroying the “buy-back” tokens and thus sending the value back to the network in the form of deflation.

In simple words, OptiToken generates profits from on-going trades and infuses it into OptiToken markets to ensure upward price pressure. The tokens bought are sent in proportions to the community supporting the infrastructure and unspendable address to create strategic scarcity. It will, in turn, stop the tokens from re-entering the ecosystem as selling pressure. The remaining Optitokens held by users of the currency gain value each time this cycle happens. These features make the project one of its kind to demonstrate the superiority of the cryptocurrency over traditional fiat.

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