Without Gaming, Cryptocurrencies May Never be Mainstream

We know that Bitcoin, Ethereum and other leading cryptocurrencies have started
to change parts of the world around us. Throw blockchain technology into the
mix and the list of innovations grows. Banking is the obvious example, but
everything from copyrighting content, cybersecurity to data storage have been
touched by the industry. However, of all the sectors that are currently reaping
the benefits of crypto’s continued evolution, gaming is perhaps the most

For those entrenched in gaming, Bitcoin and blockchains are starting to
change the game. Today, players can use digital coins to do everything from
buying add-ons to betting on roulette. In fact, it’s the online casino sector
that’s leading the crypto charge within the industry. According to NetEnt
Casino, casinos that
accept Bitcoin
now offer a wealth of games, bonuses and more.
Interestingly, due to the growing popularity of Bitcoin gaming sites, NetEnt
Casino has revamped its platform in order to give them more exposure.

Inside its crypto gaming hub, prospective players can get the lowdown on
each operator’s welcome bonus, how to deposit BTC and even get some
insight into why Bitcoin et al are ideal for betting and iGaming. For
gamers, resources such as this are clearly important as they provide an easy
overview of an emerging force within the industry. However, from an outside
perspective, the growth of crypto gaming has the potential to be more

Money, Knowledge
and Awareness Can Help Cryptos

If we look at the stats, online casino gaming is now worth more than $45
billion per year. Alongside that, traditional gaming (i.e., video games) is now
in excess of $150 billion
. With almost $200 billion in annual revenue,
gaming as an industry is hugely valuable and, obviously, hugely popular. This
could and should benefit cryptocurrencies in two main ways. Firstly, if gaming
companies are willing to invest in crypto technology, it will lead to a massive
influx of extra money.

Although crypto companies aren’t necessarily short of cash, the cost of
digital tokens mainstream commodities isn’t cheap. Moreover, game developers
may bring new perspectives into the mix. While they may not be experts in
blockchains and cryptography, they do know how to make entertaining products
that are easily accessible to the general public. Indeed, even though
blockchains and digital tokens are technologically impressive, that means
nothing if the end products aren’t consumer friendly. Therefore, if gaming
companies can partner with leading cryptos, a melting pot of ideas could
provide mutually beneficial results.

The second reason gaming could be crucial to the success of cryptos is
awareness. With an estimated
2.5 billion players
around the world, any game that introduces crypto
technology will boost the latter’s profile. As more games use digital tokens or
blockchains, the technology’s reputation will grow. For Bitcoin et al to be
accepted by the average consumer, awareness is crucial. Thanks to its global
appeal and influence, gaming could make this a reality. Naturally, other pieces
of the puzzle need to fall into place over the coming years before
cryptocurrencies are truly mainstream. However, there’s no doubt that more
links between gaming and cryptos could have a positive impact on all involved.