10 Most weird crypto you ever meet

We all know bitcoin especially when it comes to bitcoin casinos. One of the cryptocurrencies that we can use to trade. These days we can even use this crypto to buy and sell items as well.

But did you know that there is a huge selection of another crypto that you will ever meet? Cryptos that you might not even know existed. It is quite interesting to know the different and weird cryptocurrencies that you didn’t know even existed. There isn’t just one or two. There are quite a few of them. These are the 10 most weird crypto you ever meet, and that you can actually purchase.


Sexcoin is the first and only adult entertainment crypto that can be used on their site for different sexual activities. You are basically buying sexual activities and sexual products like toys and movies.

This currency at their website is quite successful and many adults are actually doing this. You should decide yourself if sexcoin is something that you would trade with.


PotCoin isn’t the pot that you might think. This is crypto for marijuana and marijuana products and merchandise. So basically, this is a crypto that would allow you to bought illegal stuff in most countries.

You can send PotCoins over the internet to each other to interact and to sell and purchase anything related to marijuana. Or, just to talk to other people that are using this product a lot.


There is no real purpose of the PutinCoin. You aren’t able to purchase anything with this crypto. There is just one reason why the PutinCoin was created. This is to honor the Russian President and the people of Russia.

Thinking about it, you will realize that you are basically paying money to the Russian President and the locals in Russia. There is nothing that you can actually get in return.


This is more than just any crypto. This is a souvenir crypto that you can wear in your wallet to say that you have a PutinClassic crypto. This is basically all that you can do with this crypto. This is a souvenir to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. So, something that a Russian would want to purchase instead of something that the whole world is looking for. But, the good thing is that you can trade PutinCassic.

UFO Coin

UFO Coin. This is a name that can be confusing because it has nothing to do with UFOs. This is one of the newer cryptocurrencies on the market that you can trade with. Not really worth much, and not something that you can use other than trading with.

But if you are looking for something fun to do, and you have time to waste, then you can consider using the UFO coin to trade.


Dogecoin is another weird, but actual cryptocurrency that you can trade with. It was created by Jackson Palmer. The name of the coin is from the meme doge.

This might sound strange, but today Dogecoin is one of the largest and most successful alternative cryptocurrencies that you can use to trade with. And, many people are starting to look into trading with Dogecoin.

Useless Ethereum Token

A strange name for crypto, and it is known that this is the world’s first honest crypto. Meaning that Useless Ethereum token is actually just useless and that you are going to waste your money. And still, some people are trading with Useless Ethereum token.

Not really popular crypto, and it is something really cheap to invest in, but you will not get real profit from this token as well.

Cthulhu Offerings

This is known as one of the most confusing currencies yet. Cthulhu Offerings is a belief type of currency that doesn’t have much information about it. You don’t really know what you are trading with.

The joke is that even if not many people are understanding this crypto, they are still trading with it. How can you trade something that you don’t know what you are trading in the first place?


The one crypto that most people will trade with. Whoppercoin. Yes, the burger Whopper from Burger King. So, you will not be trading in boring stuff like Iron, gold, or silver. But in burgers. A dream come true for many.

But the question remains if this is a real investment or just something that people are trading with, because of the name.

Cryptocurrencies are one of the internet methods of payments and things people trade. We all know bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency. And, we should stay with bitcoin casinos and leave the weird crypto for the weird people. But, there is actually a huge amount of cryptocurrencies that you can trade. And some off them are really weird and strange, like these 10 we have mentioned.