An Inside Look at Bitkan’s ‘Bitcoin: Shape The Future’ Documentary


On September 10, 2017, the bitcoin trading services provider, Bitkan, is hosting a special event called the BTC & Blockchain Summit in Beijing, China. During the event held at the Sofitel Wanda Beijing Hotel, guests will see the world premiere of a bitcoin-based documentary from a Chinese perspective.

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This week talked with Sandy Liang from the bitcoin platform Bitkan about the BTC & Blockchain Summit in Beijing this September. The event is expected to have hundreds of special guests, and over 1000 attendees discuss the emerging cryptocurrency solutions and blockchain technologies innovating the world today. Liang discusses the world premiere of the first Chinese bitcoin documentary, “Bitcoin: Shape The Future,” a film that covers the history of the decentralized cryptocurrency’s popularity in the region.

Bitkan’s Documentary Covers the Revolutionary History of Bitcoin from the Chinese Bitcoin Community’s Perspective (BC): Can you tell our readers about the new bitcoin-based documentary?

Sandy Liang (SL, Bitkan): Our co-founder of Bitkan, Fanny Yu thought there were a lot of videos and documentaries on the internet describing what bitcoin is and the history behind this technology. However, she believed there wasn’t a perfect documentary that shows bitcoin from China’s perspective. So Fanny Yu thought we could do a film about the revolutionary history of bitcoin utilizing our community resources.

We thought about what kind of resources we as a company have to complete a documentary of this nature. In the past few years, Bitkan has been a very popular platform for the Chinese community. We have price reports, news, and an exchange, so we have a very good relationship with different Chinese bitcoin companies.

An Inside Look at Bitkan's 'Bitcoin: Shape The Future' Documentary
Bitcoin: Shape The Future documentary.

BC: So this documentary examines the history of bitcoin and its relationship with China?

SL, Bitkan: In the beginning, we first thought this documentary should focus on the Chinese bitcoin community. How bitcoin developed in our country in the past few years but later while filming the video we saw there are lots of common things shared between the Chinese bitcoin community and the international bitcoin community.

So, this documentary doesn’t just focus directly on China as the movie further evolved into capturing the whole bitcoin community worldwide, but is still viewed from a Chinese perspective. We found the Chinese bitcoin community shares a lot of similarities with the crypto-community worldwide.

BC: Who are the special guests that appear in the “Bitcoin: Shape The Future” film?

SL, Bitkan: There are a lot of people who are in this documentary and lots of them stem from Chinese bitcoin companies. We have Jihan Wu the CEO of Bitmain Technologies, the CEO of Viabtc, the founder of Huobi the largest exchange in China. Additionally, there is Simon Dixon (Bnk to the Future), Roger Ver (, Leon Liu (Bitkan), and much more. Also, we have individuals in the film who have done lots of academic research on bitcoin, big Chinese investors in the space, and normal bitcoin users from China as well.

An Inside Look at Bitkan's 'Bitcoin: Shape The Future' Documentary
Bitcoin: Shape The Future documentary.

BC: Will this movie be shown in other countries after the summit?

SL, Bitkan: The world premiere will be featured at the BTC & Blockchain Summit, and some people may think a documentary like this would be a simple one to create. However, we put a lot of effort into this project since last February filming and editing the movie. It’s taken over six months to put the film together, which is roughly a little over 45 minutes in length. The movie’s ‘Chinese perspective’ covers five cities, and interviews with over twenty bitcoin company executives who shows the various cultural differences of the bitcoin community in our country.

The premier of course will be shown at the summit but after we will be uploading the movie online on various international platforms. We plan to spread this video to many countries across the globe so many people can learn about the promising technology we all love — Bitcoin.

An Inside Look at Bitkan's 'Bitcoin: Shape The Future' Documentary
Bitcoin: Shape The Future documentary.

An Inside Glimpse Into the Growing Bitcoin Economy in China

The Chinese documentary Bitcoin: Shape The Future also shows an inside glimpse into the world of ASIC manufacturing plants, mining data facilities, and some of the largest bitcoin exchanges worldwide. Bitkan says they are thrilled to feature a documentary with such depth through the eyes of China’s bitcoin executives, visionaries, and average users. The firm says they managed to keep an informative record of this growing cryptocurrency economy through unique visuals from within the country and interviews with China’s prominent bitcoiners. Check out the trailer below.

What do you think about Bitkan’s Chinese bitcoin documentary that will premiere at the BTC & Blockchain Summit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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