Analyst Puts MATIC Price At $1.5

The MATIC price has disappointed investors over the course of this year after falling from $1.5 to $0.5. This extended bear trend has significantly impacted investor morale but one analyst sees a redemption in the future of the altcoin, in the form of a 220% surge to $1.5.

MATIC Price To Make A 220% Break

The analysis of the MATIC price came from crypto analyst FieryTrading. Taking to TradingView, the analyst paints a bullish future for MATIC which they believe could rise as high as $1.5. From this current level, this would be a 220% rally and likely make MATIC a top gainer.

FieryTrading pointed to the fact that the altcoin has been caught in a sell-off trend throughout the year. However, this sustained selling has been broken through after Bitcoin showed strength, and altcoins like MATIC followed. To the point, FieryTrading believes that MATIC has finally broken out of the bearish resistance that has held back the token all year.

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However, not everyone agrees with the crypto analyst’s prediction for the Polygon native token. One user took to the comment section to share their own expectation, explaining that the MATIC price is going to fall further and $1 would not be reached.

When FieryTrading inquired why the user believed MATIC would fall, they explained that they had insider information from working on a major project in the last year. According to the user, it’s not just MATIC but also Ethereum that could fall. “You are free to go long with polygon. Be careful,” the user cautioned.

MATIC’s Struggles Continue

Although the MATIC price has been able to follow the recovery trajectory of Bitcoin as well, it has not held on as well as others. After touching $0.661 on Tuesday, MATIC went into a sustained downtrend, and at a time when large altcoins are still seeing gains, MATIC is nursing 2.88% losses in the last day.

Additionally, the altcoin’s daily trading volume fell approximately 29% to $426 million on Thursday, which suggests traders and investors are going into a cooling-off period. So it is likely the MATIC price will continue to fall before it picks up steam again. However, if FieryTrading’s analysis is correct, then this downtrend would not last long.

As for MATIC investors, the price recovery has done little to amend the low profitability. As IntoTheBlock data shows, only 11% of all MATIC holders are seeing profit. The vast majority of 87% are deep in losses, with only 2% holding bags at the same price at which they purchased them.

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MATIC trading tightly above $0.633 | Source: MATICUSD on

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