Announcing the Cove pre-sale ICO: Helping people take back control of their digital identity · August 22, 2017 · 9:43 am

Cove Identity is excited to announce it’s upcoming ICO, scheduled for end September. The ICO will consist of a pre-sale with discounted tokens to incentivise early investment and a full ICO which will take place a few weeks after the pre-sale. More details including the whitepaper, token structure and pricing will follow shortly.
You can sign up at the website to be the first to know when the whitepaper is released. Today, we are releasing a shorter abstract of the whitepaper to give investors more details about the project. You can download the PDF on our ICO information page.

[Note: This is a press release.]

How Cove Identity Works

With Cove, a user can create a secure wallet on their phone to store digitally-verified copies, as good as the original, of their most important documents. They can verify their documents with other users and organisations on the blockchain, eventually allowing them to effortlessly and securely validate their identity online and offline. Hundreds of people have already downloaded the first version of the app from the Android and iPhone app stores.

Cove helps users take end-to-end control of their digital identity and documents:

1. Easily create secure digital backups of your most important documents. Cove automatically scans and tidies documents and uses text recognition to suggest tags, effortlessly organising the documents.

2. The Cove Secure Wallet uses the end to-end-encryption to ensure the user’s files are as secure as they can be.

3. The Cove Network offers multiple ways for users to verify the existence of their secured documents and the contents within them. A verification score will be accumulated with every successful verification making it increasingly likely for 3rd parties to accept these documents as valid.

4. With all their important documents verified and securely stored in their secure wallet, users can easily validate their identity with 3rd parties that are both on the Cove partner network and off it through multiple validation options. Blockchain helps in both the verification and validation processes.

Why invest in the Cove ICO

Cove has all the elements in place to lead a strong ICO and develop a great product that gives true value to the user:

• Cove already has a cohesive and effective 15 member team in place
• The product already exists and is gaining strong early traction
• We will run a professional, fair and transparent ICO
• The opportunity is huge with great potential returns for investors

Kunal Nandwani, CEO of Cove said: “Our team has been working hard over the past year to develop a great product with a great use case for blockchain that exists right now. We’ll be following the same high standards with our ICO and are excited to share our product with our investors and the rest of the world”.

For more information on the upcoming ICO, read our abstract and sign upto know when we release our full whitepaper and more details about the ICO. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at


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