What Is MCX And How To Sell Tether 

At MCX, you can effortlessly buy USDT, making the transactions seamless in Dubai. Seek our office for necessary assistance tailored to provide you with an effortless and secure experience. Also, you aim to diversify or liquidate. In that case, MCX is the solid intermediary agent to help you confidently sell the USDT in Dubai. Come to us to see the best prices, supreme convenience, and personalized service unique to your digital currencies. But first, understand what is Tether and its Read more …

Real.Casino Celebrates Bitcoin’s Record-Breaking Rally with a $5,000 Giveaway: Your Chance to Shine in the Crypto Spotlight

In the wake of Bitcoin’s exhilarating climb to surpass $67,000, marking a new milestone in its storied journey, Real.Casino announces a celebratory $5,000 giveaway. This event is not just a celebration of Bitcoin’s latest achievement but also an invitation to the broader community to engage with the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a meaningful way. As the […] Source

Deutsche Börse Launches Crypto Trading Platform DBDX for Institutional Investors

Deutsche Börse has unveiled its entry into the regulated digital assets market with the introduction of DBDX, a dedicated platform for institutional cryptocurrency trading. Under the leadership of Carl Koelzer, who oversees FX and digital assets, DBDX aims to deliver a secure and transparent trading platform tailored for Europe’s institutional investors. Deutsche Börse Reveals DBDX […] Source

Official: Bitcoin Reaches New All Time High

In a momentous surge, Bitcoin has officially smashed through its previous all-time high, surpassing the $69,000 mark. This milestone comes as Bitcoin continues its remarkable ascent after spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) were approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, leading to a consistent large influx of capital into BTC. OFFICIAL: #BITCOIN REACHED A NEW ALL TIME HIGH ABOVE $69,000 pic.twitter.com/DccMr0Gnc5 — Bitcoin Magazine (@BitcoinMagazine) March 5, 2024 The Bitcoin market witnessed a flurry of activity as BTC Read more …

Analyst Predicts $70,000 Target Soon

Bitcoin continues to maintain its momentum toward the upward trajectory, touching the $68,000 price mark earlier today, leading to speculations about how long it will take to hit a new peak. Bitcoin To Reach $70,000 In A Matter Of Time With the price action of Bitcoin today, several crypto analysts are bullish about BTC as they believe that the crypto asset could reach a new peak very soon. The digital asset recently touched the $68,000 threshold for the first time Read more …

Blockchain Advocacy Group Says Nigerian Government’s Actions Could Drive Crypto Activities Underground

Nigerian blockchain lobby group has said the government’s decision to block access to crypto trading like Binance, Kraken and Coinbase will not “help Nigeria build the much-needed trust and confidence in the financial system.” The advocacy group also said the Nigerian Communications Commission’s directive to telecommunication companies may not be consistent with the “norms of […] Source

Shiba Inu Price Skyrockets Past $0.000045: Here’s Why

The Shiba Inu price is going absolutely parabolic these days. Within the last 9 days, the SHIB price surged by more than 380%. Today, SHIB marked a two-year high at $0.00004574. Although the price suddenly dropped below $0.00002, marking a 54% within 2 hours, the price already recovered to above $0.000038. Here are four reasons driving the Shiba Inu price: #1 Bitcoin’s Rally And Its Implications For Altcoins Bitcoin’s price rally, particularly after the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Read more …

Bitcoin Miner Bitdeer Says It Has Launched Its ‘First Cryptocurrency Mining Chip’

Bitdeer, a bitcoin miner, recently announced the launch of what it refers to as its “first cryptocurrency mining chip.” Bitdeer claimed that the chip could potentially improve bitcoin mining performance without excessive power consumption. New Rig to Help Bitcoin Miners Minimize Operational Costs Bitdeer, a leading bitcoin mining firm, has launched what it describes as […] Source