ayPal-like Cryptocurrency Payment Solution Announces ICO Campaign

Bitcoinist.net · August 24, 2017 · 10:00 am

UTRUST, a fintech solutions company is on the verge of making cryptocurrency payments a norm with its new PayPal-like platform. Unlike other cryptocurrency payment processors, the UTRUST payment solution ensures that the interests of both users and merchants are protected.

UTRUST is the creation of a highly experienced team, who have been involved with a range of different sectors including corporate management, B2C startups, payment solutions, blockchain development and more. They have created one of the first cryptocurrency payment processing platforms that come with built in consumer protection features.

Developed with the intention of promoting the use of Bitcoin and altcoins for daily needs, the UTRUST platform is built using blockchain infrastructure and powered by its namesake tokens. The platform incorporates consumer and merchant friendly features like “escrow-like” trusted mediator, crypto-to-fiat settlement, and multi-cryptocurrency support.

The implementation of blockchain technology and support for cryptocurrencies enables UTRUST to offer an extensive list of advantages to the users. The benefits include lower buyer purchase risk, payment approval speed, low exchange fees, low seller fees, support for multiple cryptocurrencies, safety of funds, no chargebacks, customer payment protection, efficient resolution of disputes, performance-based ratings for sellers, and a decentralized UTRUST token with its value linked to the platform’s projected growth.

In order to ensure efficient development and deployment, UTRUST has announced the launch of its ICO campaign. The company will start offering UTRUST tokens to investors through a Pre-ICO set to begin on August 28, 2017, at 1600 hours (GMT). Soon after, the main public ICO will start on September 4, 2017. The platform will utilize the funds raised from the ICO campaign to build key partnerships with other players and merchants and complete the development of the PayPal-like platform for cryptocurrencies.

UTRUST has outlined the entire development roadmap on its whitepaper. Those purchasing the tokens during the crowdsale will be rewarded by the platform for their support. They can use the tokens to make payments on the platform with zero transaction fees. Also, UTRUST will allocate a share of collected transaction fees to buyback and burn the tokens, thereby increasing the value of those that are still in circulation. Soon, the tokens will be listed on exchange and trading platforms, allowing people to trade it.

The UTRUST team includes Nuno Correia — an early cryptocurrency investor and entrepreneur as the CEO, Filipe Castor — a business grad with extensive experience in electronic payments industry as CIO, and Arthur Goulao — cyber security and digital payments expert as CTO. Roberto Machado, another serial entrepreneur, holds the position of CPO in the company. They are supported by other highly skilled team members.


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