Binance Announces a Platform Upgrade, to Introduce New Features

Binance is one of a kind cryptocurrency trading platform, created by genuine digital asset lovers led by Zhao Changpeng. The platform, having made a name for itself for the quality services is now expanding its purview. The co-founder of Binance, Yi He while speaking at the recently concluded “The 4th Global Blockchain Summit 2017” on August 16, 2017, gave a sneak peek of what’s in store for the platform’s customers in the near future.

The presentation, “Age of Blockchain Exchange 2.0” included an overview of the platform’s strategies as the world embraces the blockchain revolution, labeled the “2.0” age. Riding on the wave of increased adoption, Binance is aiming to be the NYSE of the cryptocurrency sector. In order to do that, the platform will facilitate the trading of digital assets, which are akin to stocks, especially with rising number of blockchain projects.

The cryptocurrency community is familiar with traditional exchange platforms where people can deposit fiat or cryptocurrency and trade it for the other. And, Binance has been one of those platforms. The Binance 2.0 will be an extension of the same platform but with support for a range of cryptoassets, making it comparable to NYSE or NASDAQ in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The new development spells good news for ICO projects. The platform is also expanding to blockchain media and finally blockchain fund.

In the presentation, Yi He stated that the Binance’s ICO platform would be live soon. It already has three projects identified to be listed on it. The three projects include TRON, Liuliang ore by QvoPlayer team and another yet to be named project created by Yan Mu who is the founder of

The company’s upcoming BABI Finance is a blockchain video media platform, set to launch a “100 blockchain celebrities” project to promote the industry. It is open for the cryptocurrency community to suggest experts who could be featured on the list. While the media platform encourages cryptocurrency adoption, the Binance blockchain fund promotes the development of crypto-projects. The fund will select good projects and list them on its ICO platform, provide support for marketing and promotions, and help build their own ecosystem.

Binance has graduated from being a simple exchange platform to an effective promoter of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

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