Binance Remarks Cryptocurrency Industry to Build the New Echo

Binance’s co-founder, Yi He, gave “The Age of Blockchain Exchange 2.0” presentation at “The 4th Global Blockchain Summit 2017” on August 16th, 2017. In her presentation, Yi He shared the status quo of Binance and talked about significant strategies of Binance. The following is Yi He’s words in her presentation.

Blockchain assets enter to 2.0 age, and Binance aim to be the NYSE in cryptocurrency industry

People are familiar with the traditional exchange, and we can separate the exchange into two phases, exchange 1.0 and exchange 2.0.

In exchange 1.0, you exchange your fiat money to BTC or any other crypto currency. This is just like the currency conversion business. This is very similar to exchanging l RMB to the USD.

What is Binance doing?

Let me explain this with the help of an example, you normally deposit US dollar to your account; at Binance, you deposit Bitcoin to your Binance account, and then you can trade coins just like trading stocks on the stock exchange. You can see that we are now entering a Bitcoin NYSE or NASDAQ  age, and Binance is following the footstep of NYSE and revolutionizing the blockchain asset industry. These coins that you buy from Binance is comparable to shares you buy on the stock exchange.

Binance will remake the rule of blockchain assets

As the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange, Binance provides the platform to the high-quality ICO projects at the same time. The third thing to do is the blockchain media and finally the blockchain fund.

Binance ICO platform – pick high-quality projects for investors

Binance will release it’s ICO platform soon.

The first project is TRON.

The second one is Liuliang ore, created by QvodPlayer team.

The third one is created by Yan Mu, founder of

All the projects have a pretty solid team and valuable products.

BABI Finance – making everybody aware about blockchain

Binance will launch a video media for blockchain – BABI Finance, and launch a “100 blockchain celebrities” project as well. If you know some elites in this industry, kindly recommend them to us. Our mission is to spread the awareness about blockchain, ICO, and cryptocurrency. If everyone knows about these terminologies, people will not think we are the Ponzi Scheme or another bubble in the economy.

Binance blockchain fund – promote the development of industry

In order to promote this industry, Binance decides to set up the blockchain fund. The fund will choose good projects on our ICO platform and put their coins on Binance exchange. Our media will promote these high-quality projects to the market and build our own eco system. In this eco system, all the payment will be paid by BnB, include fund, primary market, secondary market and the media.

We will be a huge player in the industry only if more people know about us. The blockchain is just a newborn baby, and we will try our best to rebuild and grow.

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