Bitcoin Can Be The Change Waiting For

We live in a pretend world with pretend ideals, pretend money and pretend language. A world of quick fix and quick bucks, where the road to success no longer requires hard work, just papering over whatever defects emerge. If something doesn’t seem as perfect as the movies or your neighbor’s life, we medicate, we whitewash, we dress up in fancy garbs and decorated facades until we convince ourselves and everyone else that the inside isn’t corrupt and failing, but respectable and thriving.

Throw your deflating money against the cryptocurrency wall and maybe you’ll strike gold. Take your investment advice from a Tik-Tok video, buy GameStop options on a whim and pray for a miracle. When it fails, complain about the injustices of capitalism instead of locating the underlying issue: high time preference and the inability to take responsibility for life choices.

We rely on fake energy, with solar panels on the roof and wind turbines in the desert, the plains and the ocean banks, and then we’re surprised when blackouts hit and electricity bills go through the roof. The government and the environmental talking heads said they were clean and threw subsidies your way, so naturally they must be good.