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We’ve released a major update for the wallet app for Android and iOS.

Last week, we were very happy to see that old and new users alike have started to use our Bitcoin Cash web wallet. Many people who primarily use a wallet app, however, have asked us to extend the Bitcoin Cash wallet service to mobile.

So good news — the wallet can now accommodate both bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This means you can send, receive, and store Bitcoin Cash while maintaining complete ownership of your funds.

How it works

At the moment, you must log out and log in to your preferred account when you want to switch between the bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wallet. We apologize if this causes a small inconvenience, but soon it won’t be necessary. We are currently working on making the switch between your funds seamless.

Visit the App Store or Google Play Store to update your app to the latest version! No app yet?

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Future updates

We are really thankful for the community’s enthusiasm to add new currencies and expand our wallet. Would you like to us to add new functionalities to the wallet? Tweet us or leave a comment!

If you have any questions or feedback, please send us an email to