Bitcoin Take El Salvador Into The Future

August 22, 2021

After a June visit in Washington D.C. with Madam Ambassador Mayorga of El Salvador, I was invited on a follow-up trip to El Salvador in August. My wife Lola and I ventured down and spent five days exploring the country and new business opportunities. What follows are observations from that trip.

Close By

El Salvador is much closer to the U.S. than most people probably realize. Since we live in South Florida, we were able to take a direct flight of about 3 hours from Miami to San Salvador. The government was generous to us. We were ushered directly from the plane to a special reception area, our immigration paperwork was processed, and our bags were collected for us. I must admit this service level was fantastic and a foreshadow of the treatment we received throughout our trip. El Salvadorians are rightly proud of their hospitality.