Bitcoin Will Change Your Life

Like many people, I first became interested in bitcoin after numerous contact points. I had first heard about it in 2013 when I discovered that you could purchase drugs through the Silk Road on the dark web. I looked into buying some bitcoin for this purpose, but the only way I could figure out how to get some was by using LocalBitcoins to meet some random person in a coffee shop to make the dollars to bitcoin exchange. It seemed about as sketchy as buying drugs from the internet, so I passed and forgot about bitcoin for a few years.

Fast-forward to the end of summer in 2017. The bitcoin price was around $3,000 and moving up quickly. I bought ether. Making a similar mistake to countless others, I thought ether was going to be the “next bitcoin.” I bought bitcoin too, but my portfolio was about 50/50. Now, I only own bitcoin and do not own any shitcoins. Buying during the middle of the euphoria phase of the market cycle was fascinating and an experience for which I’m grateful. Because of all the hype, I had many friends to talk to about this cryptocurrency phenomenon. I watched as the price went to the moon and then the bubble popped. All those other friends gave up while I stayed. I figured I should learn more about this thing I had invested a big chunk of my savings into. What started as a get-rich-quick scheme turned into a “hero’s journey” that has completely changed the entire trajectory of my life.