Bithumb Opens Walk-In Customer Service Center Following Unprecedented Growth


South Korea’s largest bitcoin exchange, Bithumb, is seeing unprecedented business growth and has opened a large customer support counter for in-person support.

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New Customer Service Center

South Korea’s largest bitcoin exchange, Bithumb, announced on Wednesday that it has opened a new customer service center which features 24-hour customer support as well as service counters for one-on-one interaction between customers and professional counselors. The exchange described:

Through ‘one-on-one consultation counters,’ we will provide you with specialized consulting services from virtual currency transaction methods to diagnosis and follow-up management, and will solve all your questions about virtual currency trading.

Customers can walk up to the banking teller-like service counters and receive support from counselors one-on-one. The exchange expects the face-to-face consultation model to provide more rapid and in-depth customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Bithumb Opens Walk-In Customer Service Center Following Unprecedented Growth

The new customer service center is located on the 5th floor of the Seongbo Yeoksam Building near Gangnam Station in Seoul. It has a floor space of approximately 10,675 square feet. Currently, there are approximately 200 customer support personnel, according to the announcement, but the exchange says that it will not hesitate to increase this number to 250 if there is enough demand, so it can respond to customers’ inquiries quickly.

The new service center is in addition to the exchange’s two existing customer support centers located in the headquarters; one of which was added last month. The one-on-one consultation counters are open on weekdays from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Unprecedented Growth

Bithumb Opens Walk-In Customer Service Center Following Unprecedented GrowthBithumb is South Korea’s largest bitcoin exchange with approximately 75.7% of the domestic market share. At press time, Coinhills lists the exchange as the world’s third largest by bitcoin trading volume behind only Japanese exchanges Bitflyer and Coincheck. The Korean won is also the third most traded currency, behind the yen and the US dollar.

The exchange’s business has experienced significant growth recently. In July, its daily average trading volume was 384.7 billion won. However, on August 9, Bithumb set a new record for its highest trading volume at 1.9 trillion won, or about $1.66 billion USD. Its membership is also growing rapidly, reaching 780,000 customers as of July, according to Wednesdays’ announcement.

With the rapid increase in trading volume and number of customers, demand for customer consultation has increased dramatically, prompting the exchange to boost its customer support services, Bithumb detailed.

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