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I couldn’t have said this any better myself.

So, why did I buy bitcoin when I was 18, and why do I continue to buy now at 21?

After my high school graduation, I was no longer a kid anymore, I was an adult. Being an adult is expensive. Eventually most adults want to buy a car, a house, fund their lifestyle, go on vacations, retire, etc. That is all extremely expensive and can seem like an impossible task to afford taking into account the setbacks that come with our generation.

We are taught to save our wealth in U.S. dollars, which are constantly being devalued due to the Federal Reserve printing more dollar bills, especially with the MASSIVE amount printed in the past year. As inflation creeps in, the prices of nearly everything we wish to afford (cars, houses, food, etc) go up in price. We’re holding money that is devaluing while the prices of things we wish to acquire skyrocket. Double rekt.