Pool miners stay stable with the 115% Minimum Earning Protection Plan!

Recently, blockchain transaction fees have been much lower than usual. This means the earnings of the entire mining pool industry have decreased.

Seeing this, the Pool has taken action, in order to guarantee stable income for miners in FPPS (full pay-per-share) mode.

That’s why the BTC Pool has decided to launch the 115% Minimum Earning Protection Plan for its miners. When operating under reduced blockchain transaction fees, will provide the appropriate subsidies to ensure your earnings are stabilized at 115%, should they come in under that amount. When earnings are more than 115%, we will release them as usual.

This plan was implemented at 8:00 am on July 10, 2017. The first phase of the plan will end on August 31, 2017.

Thanks for supporting the BTC Pool, and please let us know if there is anything we can help you with by shooting an email to Chris at or Leona at

And remember you can always contact at!