BTC-e Exchange Comes Back Online With Limited Functionality

This week the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e came back online using another domain called The trading platform seems to be preparing to open operations and in the meantime; there are currently 2700 users on the site at the time of writing.

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BTC-e Plans to Return Under New Management

On August 30 the exchange BTC-e outlined a plan to resume operations after having issues with U.S. law enforcement. It seems from the organization’s last update, a new company has taken the reigns of running the business and is fully compliant with regulatory standards. The acquisition will be settled in mid-September and according to the BTC-e representative, the company will perform an audit alongside following European AML/KYC guidelines. The company will deploy a “helpdesk” for customers with issues during the initial transfer period.  

“The helpdesk system will be operated by the licensed financial company after the start of the digital data transfer procedure,” explains BTC-e. “After starting the service with the financial company and in case you have difficulties with entering an account or there are inaccuracies in the balance, you can get help and answers through the ticket system.”

In the future, this financial company will operate under its financial license using both digital and monetary data.

BTC-e customers can now check their balances and use the chat room for discussions.

BTC-e is Back Online With the Ability to Check Balances and Chat in the Trollbox

The following day the exchange went back online using the .nz domain, but many U.S. residents couldn’t access the site. The website is now accessible from within the U.S. at the moment, and customers can only check their balances and chat in the “trollbox.” Discussions in the chat room are ranging from how customers can access their funds, to asking whether or not “Feds” or FBI was lurking around on the website. There’s a newly updated “FAQ” discussing how customers can use the ticket system for issues and warnings about staying away from phony BTC-e sites.

BTC-e Exchange Comes Back Online With Limited Functionality
Russian blockchain conference attendees wear t-shirts that support the BTC-e exchange.

BTC-e is also recommending that clients should change their security settings as they are not sure how much data the FBI collected. “Because of the seizure of the data, there is a high risk that it has been compromised,” BTC-e details in the company’s previous announcement. Withdrawals could begin around September 15th the exchange explains to irritated customers who want their funds back.