Calvin Ayre Foundation Asks Crypto Community For Hurricane Aid in Barbuda – Will Match Donations

Longtime Antiqua and Barbuda resident, Calvin Ayre, wants people to send immediate relief aid to the islands. Hurricane Irma recently plowed over the island system and caused tons of damage. Ayre has been involved in the bitcoin and gaming ecosystem for many years. He implores everyone in the community to bring much-needed disaster funding to the area, and his foundation will match each donation. 

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Calvin Ayre

Ayre’s press release emphasized the damage: “Barbuda was directly in Irma’s path, and its Category 5 mix of 300km/hour winds and heavy rain left a trail of devastation in its wake. Gaston Browne, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, said 90% of the island’s structures have been destroyed and at least one person has been killed, although that latter figure may rise.”

The Calvin Ayre Foundation is also fully involved in the relief effort. However, they said the area could use supplies as well as monetary donations, including tents and emergency supplies. They are working directly with local officials and institutions.

Ayre Will Match All Donations

Furthermore, the Ayre Foundation said they will equally match all donations up to $1 million dollars. These matched donations include any amount of money that comes from the gaming and bitcoin communities. The press release clarified that these donations will be separate from the one he made to aid his adopted home. The site elaborated on how to donate:

Cash donations can be sent to the Barbuda Relief & Rebuilding Fund via the official government account on: Wherever you choose to donate, send a copy of your receipt and the Calvin Ayre Foundation will add an equal amount to the money they’ve already committed. If you donate $100, it will in effect be equivalent to $200 directly helping the Island of Barbuda.

Other Hurricane Disaster relief: Dogecoin Not Bombs

Luckily, there are also other people sending bitcoin-related aid to areas affected by the hurricane. Besides Barbuda, Florida was also ravaged by the hurricane. Prior to it hitting landfall, Todd Dennison, the chairman of the Sarasota country Libertarian Party, was already preparing for it to strike. He has handed out water, toiletries, and food, and various supplies.

Dennison also set up a fundraiser and Facebook aid page going by the name Dogecoin Not Bombs. He has supplied both a bitcoin and a bitcoin cash address for donations on the page.

“We have set up a multi-sig wallet with Todd and this blog post will serve as a log for photos of his efforts and a call for more donations, if you can help your neighbor in this time of need please help Todd with the resources needed to make a positive impact.”

Calvin Ayre Foundation Asks for Immediete Hurricane Aid in Barbuda