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Bitcoin has many critics. And while it will never be constructive to simply dismiss criticism for dismissal’s sake, a vast amount of criticism against Bitcoin is often so blatantly false that it is difficult to believe it possible for seemingly intelligent people to perpetuate.

Criticism can lead to improvements and it is often our greatest critics that push us forward to our most important decisions. Case in point: Bitcoin itself is inherently critical. There are deep flaws in the world’s dominant systems of money and governance, and Bitcoin was designed specifically in response to that. It would be somewhat hypocritical of Bitcoiners to dismiss criticism for no reason other than the fact that it is aimed at Bitcoin.

That being said, Bitcoin FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) is circulated ad nauseam. And most, if not all, of it is repetitive nonsense. You can pick your own poison, but as a fun example I would suggest Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent remarks, which included an old all-time favorite: the idea that “Bitcoin is only useful for criminals.” This point has been so thoroughly debunked that it isn’t really worth going over it again. But for what it’s worth, it’s even been indirectly debunked by her own government.