Chasyr: Driving Mainstream To Cryptocurrency · August 30, 2017 · 10:24 am

Here is a California startup that will use the power of the Ethereum blockchain to propel forward as the leading edge of ridesharing. Early adopters will be able to use cryptocurrency to request and accept rides using smart contracts on the commerce DApp Swarm City. This is where Chasyr will always be available to anyone wanting to request a ride in a decentralized setting transparently on the blockchain. This new approach towards ridesharing might sound challenging for adoption, but Chasyr intends to prevail.
Protecting Their User Base

In latest news Chasyr has announced its plan to become a transportation network company (TNC) which won’t be an easy process, but is a great move on their part. This will create a familiar way to onboard drivers and attract a mainstream user base in a safe and legal manner. Taking this route will give them the opportunity to provide centralized benefits that only a company similar to Uber or Lyft can offer. This includes insurance, background checks, and proper vetting that comply with local and state regulations and most importantly provide a safe and comfortable place for its users. In many cases, the absence of these benefits is often the deal breaker for most consumers to even want to try the new Uber alternative in town.

“We’ve recently connected with a known innovator in the TNC insurance field who can’t wait to provide an umbrella coverage for Chasyr LLC. Once costs are figured out we will then decide if fundraising is needed. With insurance there is really no stopping us.” -Tommy Marquez
Who And How

CEO & Founder Tommy Marquez was a Uber driver for two years who learned the power of incentives by focusing on driver sign-ups instead of just driving. Creating his own ambassador program made him a top referrer and got Uber several new drivers in multiple states. Now with his own rideshare startup to grow it seems like he is the right person for the job. Now over 600 drivers have shown interest in Chasyr without the need of any sign on bonus because they are seeing the incentive that cryptocurrency brings to the table. Chasyr will truly have the opportunity to be a challenging competitor to any rideshare service out there today by becoming the first transportation network company of its kind. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is finally getting the attention it deserves and the one use case we all want to see succeed in demonstrating its power is coming.

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