Cindicator: Combining Human Intelligence and AI to Change the World of Finance

Cindicator has announced their upcoming ICO to raise the funds needed to build a next generation asset manager that not only uses new technology, but also traditional market analysis.

Market Predictions

The old saying goes that no one knows what will happen to a market tomorrow. The difficulty that comes with correctly predicting market trends is astronomical, and it takes highly intelligent people who’ve been studying industries for years to gain the confidence of investors. In fact, even the best market analysts still only aim for a 70% correct ratio.

It is these people whose advice is taught to millions of people every day through popular business and stock market sites. These professionals control much of the information out there about current market trends. And their job is becoming more and more difficult, as more and more data needs to be incorporated into any given idea.

Do Computers Know Better than Humans?

Some companies have built artificial intelligence software that they hope can turn a profit. Computers are able to handle amounts of data that we can’t even fathom. These programs are not perfect, however. They are, on average just as likely to be wrong than their mortal counterparts. Market predictions are a complicated matter, and those people who have seemed to master it don’t normally give out their best ideas.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Cindicator is an intuitive asset manager that has a dual information system that allows you to get the best advice on what to do with your money. Not only does it collect investing data from many of the industry’s top analysts creating a comprehensive list of predictions, but it also includes an artificial intelligence platform that processes the volumes of data into actual predictions. Using both of these methods, Cindicator aims to be the top asset management system on the market.

Cindicator has announced a token sale to help fund the next stages of the platform’s development that is set to begin on the 12th of September. The token sale will run through October 12th, and during that time supporters can help fund the team behind the project by purchasing Cindicator Tokens (CND) with Ether. The $15 million that the Cindicator Team hopes to raise

The $15 million that the Cindicator Team hopes to raise through its token sale will be spent on additional features and ensuring quality on existing ones. Artifical intelligence is poised to revolutionize hundreds of industries in the coming decades. And Cindicator is a pioneer in the financial world.

What do you think about the Cindicator project? Can a combination of human intelligence and AI give users accurate market predictions? Let us know in the comments below.