CLIMATECOIN, is a new cryptocurrency created for Climate change action. Its Organization has announced the launch of its “CO2” Token Sale, that will allow users to perceive a percentage of the benefits of the Organization for its participation in companies that fight Climate Change. The Organization will become a Sectoral Investment fund focused in companies that fight Climate Change and generate Carbon Credits. The organization is being advised by United Nations to select the projects that meet the Carbon credits criteria.

CLIMATECOIN team aims to provide any citizen in the world with a unique mechanism to participate in the fight against Climate Change, as currently only Governments and big Private/Public Organizations are capable to do something about it.

Our CO2 token is a mechanism that makes possible to perceive dividends for the participation of Climatecoin in companies that create solutions against climate change and that use blockchain in any of their processes. The profit for the customer is double, as they perceive annual dividends coming from the companies we participate in (their profits and the carbon credits they sell) and they will inherently get token appreciation as our cryptocurrency gives tangible value to its holders.

We will provide investment, advice and blockchain guidance to these companies we participate in to make their products economically feasible as the companies must be profitable.

Video presentation:

Any amount of ethers can be contributed and also profits are paid back in Ether annually. Both a website and mobile application will be the home where to check updates on the investment and in Token Distribution Information CO2 tokens are ERC-20 tokens and will be distributed through a smart contract. The crowdsale address will be at

The tokens will be distributed within seven days of the end of the crowdsale.

Pre-Sale Period

The pre-sale will begin on September 23, 2017 and it will last until October 1st. It is only available for those interested in contributing more than 100 Ether.

There is a hard cap of 800,000 Ether during the pre-sale period.

Crowdsale Period

October 1st at 7 p.m. (UTC) through November 1st, 2017 at 7 p.m. (UTC).





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