Coinsbit Organizes the Largest Blockchain Conference in History


HONG KONG, — On January 15, in Hong Kong, the team of Coinsbit cryptocurrency exchange organized the largest blockchain conference in the history of such events. The exchange has also announced building a global blockchain marketplace in two month with several stable coins used for payments.

Instead of the expected 10,000, almost 14,000 people interested in the industry visited CHAIN 2020. These are record figures for an event of this level because usually the audience of cryptocurrency summits and forums is limited to several hundred or thousands of guests.

The world’s leading crypto experts, managers, and founders of investment funds, ambitious blockchain projects and high-tech companies, successful investors and traders – organizers from Coinsbit gathered the most famous and authoritative speakers, as well as touch upon the most relevant and interesting topics for the community.

The event was opened by Jim Rogers – investor, traveler, author of many books, an expert in finance and the legend of Wall Street. Vlad Zamfir, the creator of the consensus protocol from the Ethereum Foundation team, entered into an interesting discussion with Jim. Vlad shared his point of view on the results of the decade, told how the rapid development of technologies (including blockchain) affected the life of a modern person. In addition to the general direction of technology development, quite specific topics of trading and investing were raised.

The exclusive guests of the meeting were the Sophia robot, created by Hanson Robotics. Sophia is currently the most advanced humanoid AI that adapts to new information and human behavior. Conference attendees did not miss the opportunity to inquire about her opinion on decentralized data registry technology.

Coinsbit team experts did not stand aside. Development Director Natalia Simson spoke about trends in the digital economy, the importance of stablecoins and the role of cryptocurrency exchanges as key players in the new economic reality. Natalia also reported that the cooperation of stablecoins with cryptocurrency exchanges is very significant, which can contribute to the massive use of cryptocurrencies and accelerate the pace of development of the digital economy.

Dozens of other well-known businessmen and developers, experts and analysts, traders and investors also made a significant contribution to the largest blockchain conference in recent years.


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