Crypto Analyst Lays Out XRP Price Roadmap For 1,350% Surge

In a new technical analysis shared on X, crypto analyst Egrag outlined a potential trajectory for XRP that could signal a staggering 1,350% increase in price. Egrag’s forecast hinges on the application of the Fibonacci Speed Resistance Fan (FSRF), a tool often used by seasoned traders to predict key levels of support and resistance.

The FSRF is a charting technique that derives from the core principles of Fibonacci analysis, which is grounded in the mathematical relationships expressed by the Fibonacci sequence. The FSRF involves drawing three trendlines from a significant low or high point to the corresponding points on the chart, which represent major Fibonacci retracement levels – typically 0.382, 0.5, and 0.618.

XRP Price Bound For A 1,350% Surge?

These lines are designed to indicate areas where support or resistance is likely to emerge as prices approach them, effectively creating a fan-like spread across the price chart. Egrag has drawn the Fibonacci Speed Resistance Fan from July at $0.96 high following the summary judgment in the XRP lawsuit between Ripple Labs vs. the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Egrag notes, “Following the July pump, #XRP has encountered resistance at FSRF 0.618, with the next resistance around 0.75 cents.”

XRP price analysis | Source: X @egragcrypto

The FSRF, which consists of several trendlines, has been instrumental in delineating potential turning points in the price of XRP. According to Egrag’s analysis, XRP recently showed a bullish sign by closing multiple days above the FSRF 0.5 line. Egrag notes, “A bullish pattern has emerged, as XRP has achieved multiple daily closes above FSRF 0.5,” suggesting an underlying strength in the market.

Egrag’s analysis points to successive price targets for XRP, stating, “The roadmap ahead includes targets at 1) FSRF 0.618 (around 0.75 cents) 2) FSRF 0.75 (around $1) 3) Fib Extension 1.618 (around $1.5) 4) FSRF 1 ($1.96).”

Should XRP’s price breach the $2 mark, the analyst anticipates a wave of FOMO (fear of missing out) could propel the asset towards the ambitious $27 target. Such a surge would represent a 1,350% increase from the current levels, a move that is not unprecedented in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies but certainly ambitious.

The chart shared by Egrag also underscores the significance of the “Last Line of Defense,” a term referring to a critical support zone around $0.29 that, if held, could reinforce the bullish case for XRP.

Egrag’s current sentiment echoes the resilient spirit of the XRP community, often referred to as the XRP army, with a rallying call for perseverance: “STAY STEADY! I understand the exhaustion, but remember, GLORY awaits us in VALHALLA.”

At press time, XRP traded at $0.56991. As analyzed a few days ago, the price has managed to break out of the downtrend channel in the 1-day chart and has now successfully completed a retest, which supports Egrag’s bullish thesis.

XRP price
XRP price confirmed the breakout, 1-day chart | Source: XRPUSD on

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