Cryptocurrency Dash Team Schedules Free Conferences in Venezuela

The Dash network is sponsoring twelve free conferences in Venezuela from September through the end of the year. The goal of these events is to increase Venezuelans’ knowledge of virtual currencies in general, and Dash in particular. The nation’s worsening hyperinflation has caused the popularity of Bitcoin and Ethereum to soar as people turn to these currencies as a more effective store of value than the Venezuelan Bolivar.

The Dash plan

Representatives of the Dash team have been regulars at a number of key Bitcoin conferences around the world. Recently, Dash announced that it is hosting an entire conference dedicated to the virtual currency. The Dash Conference 2017 will be held in London this September, and the team has promised some major announcements.

Meanwhile, in Venezuela, each of the twelve free conferences is intended to introduce Venezuelans to the concept of Dash and familiarize them with its use. The Dash team hopes that the currency’s advanced features, such as instant transactions, will woo people away from Bitcoin’s slower network.

So far, about 200 people have signed up to attend the inaugural conference being held in Caracas on September 19. The Dash team will be fighting an uphill battle, because Venezuelans are largely unfamiliar with digital currencies other than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

State of cryptocurrencies in the country

The Venezuelan government has yet to impose laws to regulate the digital currency market in the country. The absence of such regulations makes the use of cryptocurrencies considerably easier as individuals and businesses need not worry about onerous anti-money laundering laws. While the government has not been keen to regulate the buying and selling of digital currencies, there has been some pushback concerning virtual currency mining.