Datum Turns Data into a New Asset Class and Plans to Launch the First Decentralized Data Marketplace in 2018

Internet applications play a very important part in our everyday life. Given the number of applications and the critical role they play in various settings have made it necessary for the creation of secure, high-performance IT infrastructure. Datum Network is on the path to solve this issue by making use of cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology.

Datum is a decentralized and distributed high-performance NoSQL database that’s backed blockchain ledger. By way of using the cryptocurrency technology, the platform ensures privacy, security, and anonymity of all the structured backup data from the social network, wearable devices, smart homes and IoT devices stored in the NoSQL database.

In the present information age, data monetization is a lucrative business. Until now, large corporations like Google and Facebook have been collecting data from millions of users and deriving profits out of it. Datum is here to change that. The platform puts the power back into the hands of people by providing them with a marketplace and associated tokens to help them share or sell the data stored in its decentralized database on their own terms.

The Datum Network is powered by DAT tokens which act as a medium of transaction over the platform. As Datum continues with the development of the network including DAT token driven smart contracts for secure data trading, it has announced the launch of its token sale.

Datum Network invites the cryptocurrency and technology community to become part of its initiative and help create a better internet. The platform is presently running a DATG presale campaign, where investors can buy into the platform early on, much before the official ICO. The presale started on August 11, 2017, and will go on until September 11, 2017. It will be soon followed by the ICO/Token sale, starting September 12, 2017.

The funds collected during the crowdsale will be used for development (60%), marketing (15%), operations (15%), legal requirements (5%) and platform security (5%). With the development process on track, the platform is looking forward to launching the first ever decentralized data marketplace in 2018.