El Salvador’s Biggest Bitcoin Critics Make Embarrassing Public Statements

A pair of high-ranking officials in El Salvador’s ruling party, Nuevas Ideas, took aim at critics who stand in opposition to the country’s forthcoming Bitcoin legal tender law on Tuesday.

In what appears to be one of the first public pushes to counter critics by the administration, the deputy of the party, Christian Guevara pointed out the ignorance of the opposition’s knowledge of Bitcoin basics, Diario La Huella reported.

“Perhaps those who oppose Bitcoin have already heard the opinions of ‘Tesale’ or have met with ‘Elios Monk’ who advised them on the ‘sototochis’ as pennies of the ‘bitcom,’” Guevara is quoted as saying.

The statements point out how the opposition, like left-leaning El Salvadoran political analyst Rubén Zamora, has used incorrect terms in reference to Bitcoin in recent days.

Guevara’s comments make abundantly clear that the biggest opposition to Bitcoin so far in El Salvador is coming from people who perhaps don’t understand it.

He continued, “Remember that what you are going to do is pay him with ‘sototoshis’, the ‘toshis’ is, ‘santoshis’, that each ‘santoshis’ is like someone who says the penny,” Zamora reportedly said on a local radio show.