EloPlay – Leveling the eSports Playing Field

EloPlay, the eSports platform that allows players to organize and participate in tournaments with decentralized prize pools, has announced its upcoming token sale to raise funds for the integration of additional blockchain-based features.

Why eSports Needs EloPlay

Why eSports Needs EloPlay

Competitive video gaming, better known as eSports, is an industry that is increasing in popularity at an astronomical rate. This year alone, the breakout sport has amassed a worldwide audience of over 400 million and estimated earnings of over $695 million. In fact, eSports have become so popular that they have already been added to the 2022 Asian Games and are even being considered for inclusion in the 2024 Olympics.

With all of its popularity, it can be easy to overlook eSports’ biggest shortcoming. Global brands and game developers conduct major tournaments with million dollar prize pools yet only a handful of professional players can compete for those prizes. It creates an equality gap that leaves millions of amateur players out in the cold with no chance to compete for major prizes.

EloPlay is an eSports platform that aims to bridge that gap by introducing what they call “Smart Tournaments”. Powered by the blockchain, the Smart Tournaments feature allows players to organize and participate in tournaments with decentralized prize pools. Anyone can organize a Smart Tournament on the platform, including:

  • Individual players
  • Organizations or brands
  • EloPlay

Single elimination, double elimination, and best of N tournaments are all supported by the Smart Tournament feature.

What Makes EloPlay Different?

What Makes EloPlay Different?

With ICOs becoming the medium of choice for many companies when it comes to raising funding, there are numerous projects launching token sales at any given time.

So what makes EloPlay different?

The biggest difference between EloPlay and other projects of its kind is that EloPlay already has a proven, working platform. It isn’t just a concept and it isn’t just a working proof of concept. EloPlay has been in operation since 2015 and has over 90,000 registered users. Over 80,000 battles have played out and 3500 tournaments have been held on the eSports platform.

In other words, EloPlay already has an active and engaged community of eSports players and enthusiasts ready for ELT integration.

About EloPlay Token Sale

EloPlay will be holding a token sale that will run for one month, or until the maximum cap has been reached. The token sale begins on October 16, 2017, at 12 pm London Time (UTC+0).

The details of the EloPlay token sale are as follows:

  • Start Date: October 16, 2017
  • End Date: November 15, 2017, or when Maximum Cap is reached
  • Minimum Target: $3,000,000
  • Maximum Cap: $12,000,000
  • Currency Accepted: BTC, ETH
  • Token Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 10,000 ELT
  • Tokens Per Person: Unlimited
  • Max Transaction Amount: Unlimited
  • Min Transaction Amount:1 ETH

The token sale will be held in five stages with the following bonuses at each stage:

  • 1st hour funders will receive a 20% Token bonus;
  • 1st day funders will receive a 15% Token bonus;
  • 1st week funders will receive a 10% Token bonus;
  • 2nd week funders will receive a 5% Token bonus;
  • After the second week, no bonuses are available.

For more information about the EloPlay token sale please visit their official website and/or download the whitepaper.

Are you an eSports player or enthusiast? Have you used the EloPlay platform? How do you think blockchain tech will change the eSports landscape? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of EloPlay, Turtle Entertainment

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