Hot New Memecoin Is Surging, Toncoin (TON) and Celestia (TIA) Are Struggling for Momentum

Despite the recent market surge, Toncoin and Celestia have lost their momentum. Both projects have seen price declines over the last 24 hours, causing investors to jump boat and diversify.

Meanwhile, a new meme coin is surging during its presale. Now, as early investors prepare for returns of 220%, experts believe this project could become one of the biggest meme coins of 2024.

Toncoin Pioneers New DeFi Developments

Toncoin is working to bridge the gap between DeFi and real-world applications. Over the last month, Toncoin’s new development has made it possible for users to buy anonymous phone numbers. The altcoin also set a new translation speed record, with 104,715 transactions per second.

These developments have put Toncoin on the radar of many investors, however, the altcoins price performance has been poor. Over the last month, Toncoin’s price decreased by 5.55%, while many projects saw increases of over 20%.

Consequently, Toncoin’s popularity has decreased, and its daily trading volume has fallen to just $41 million. According to CoinMarketCap, this makes Toncoin the #160 ranked cryptocurrency by daily trading volume, despite TON being the 15th ranked cryptocurrency by market cap.

Celestia Crashes After Hitting An All-Time High

On February 10, Celestia hit a new all-time high of $20.91. This achievement helped Celestia make global headlines, during which Celestia’s daily trading volume surged. However, since hitting this milestone, Celestia’s momentum has crashed.

The altcoin hit a strong resistance, and its price is down by 12.62% to $18.21. This price crash has caused Celestia’s daily trading volume to fall to $220 million, and some investors are now selling their TIA tokens.

Nonetheless, experts remain bullish about Celestia. According to bullish market predictions, Celestia could hit $30 by the end of Q1. This significant increase would make Celestia one of the markets best-performing altcoins, though it would require the general crypto market to remain bullish for at least another month.

Investors Choose This New Altcoin Over Trending Cryptos

As several altcoins start to lose their momentum, many investors are choosing to diversify with a popular new meme coin, KangaMoon.

KangaMoon (KANG) has quickly attracted a bullish investor community with its hybrid social-fi and P2E model. Unlike other meme coins, KangaMoon offers fantastic utility and gives its player base several different income opportunities.

For example, KangaMoon users will be able to complete weekly, monthly, and quarterly challenges to win the project’s native token, KANG. Furthermore, during the KangaMoon presale, investors who actively promote the project will be granted additional KANG rewards.

The KangaMoon ecosystem is designed to promote social activity. Users will be rewarded for engaging with players, with more social activity leading to greater social rewards. The aim of this is to create a vibrant, exciting community where DeFi enthusiasts can network, build new connections, and more.

KANG tokens are currently available for $0.005, though are expected to increase in value soon as stage 1 of the KangaMoon presale sells out. During its presale, analysts speculate that KangaMoon could offer returns of over 220%, which has made the presale a popular option among altcoin investors.

Can KangaMoon Outpace Toncoin and Celestia?

Having already gained significant momentum, KangaMoon is expected to outperform Toncoin and Celestia in Q1. Once it launches on Tier-1 exchanges, experts speculate that KangaMoon could offer additional returns of up to 350%, which has made the meme coin a highly anticipated project.

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