How Blockchain Businesses Communicate Nowadays

Blockchain-born companies understand that they must align with all values of this technology, and strive to be: democratic, open-source, honest and fair.

These values must be present in all aspects of their business – communication can’t be an exception.

If they ignore such angles, users may peg them as being just another unidirectional, closed, reactive company, like most traditional companies tend to be.

Can you imagine 10 years ago, a multinational’s CEO answering questions from all types of consumers on a Sunday?

It was something unimaginable, firstly, because they didn’t want to give certain explanations to consumers, and secondly, nobody had access to their contact information – they kept them as hidden as possible.

In order to talk to someone, most customers had to pass different filters. Customer service received a call, if it was appropriate it was sent to the respective department, and finally if you were lucky you received a response.

Unfortunately, these things are not things of the past, old-fashioned companies still work like this.

New ways to communicate

The emergence of Blockchain: a decentralized system, clear, open and democratic, has brought some really important changes to how companies relate to their users.

For the first time, clients can feel like they are really involved and contributing to new kinds of projects.

Those involved in the Blockchain world are well acquainted with: Slack, Telegram, Discord,, and the various discussion forums and apps that exist today.

What really matters, however, is not which software or apps are available, but how we use them.

New companies are the driving forces of such communities, where they can show their progress and difficulties to the whole world, and talk openly about everything that regarding their respective fields.

Now it’s more important to be honest (with all the difficulties that that implies) and instead of just showing fabricated results.

If one considers it, before, there was slim chance of you having an opportunity to speak regularly and directly with the top leaders in any company. Now, for the first time in history, you can do so.

Values ​​of these new companies

When considering Blockchain, a technology that is transparent, democratic, able to give presence to new users, and much more, it would not make sense if engaged organizations were not aligned with such values.

It’ll be fascinating to see how the whole ecosystem evolves, and including its communications.

There’s still a lot of work to do, but in my humble opinion, we’ve achieved the first milestone, which was to establish more open-source, and fair, companies.

– By Alex Gines Domenech