Internet to the Masses: Tokenizing Broadband Access

What’s better than sharing WiFi with others and getting paid for it? If you answered nothing, I have some good news for you. A company named Ammbr is trying to make that a reality. Not only will you possibly be able to make money, but you will also be sharing the wonders of the internet with people who may not be able to get it otherwise.

Ammbr is a blockchain-built wireless mesh network that will have its bandwidth traded throughout the day. This is a whole new business model when it comes to internet/wifi and they have put a lot of time and energy into this innovative idea and product. The ICO for Ammbr is taking place on September 1st at 1:00 UTC. The starting price will be USD $0.10c per AMMBR.

Ammbr will work by users having an Ammbr device in their home. This device will be full of innovative technology and will be able to simply connect you to the internet at any time. If you own an access point, you will be able to earn tokens while letting others connect to your access point for internet. Of course, those accessing the broadband will be able to purchase/use tokens to get internet access. The network will have secure “wallets” and identities for each user of their service. The billing will also be in real-time, as opposed to most packages from most ISPs (which are sent monthly).

Another very cool thing about Ammbr is that it isn’t restricted to home use. Wherever you are, you can connect your phone, laptop or other device to an Ammbr connection nearby. This new model and idea truly has the potential to change the way people access the internet throughout their day to day lives. It also makes the internet accessible to anyone.

Overall, their primary objective is to make Wifi easily accessible, simple to connect to, while also reducing the costs that often go along with connecting to the internet. They continually improve and expand their network and they will ensure to engage their users and make sure that the product and the way in which it works is top notch.

So that all sounds amazing, but what is the timeline for the future looking like and what can you expect from them? In 2016, Ammbr focused mainly on R&D and are now about to begin their token offering, near the end of 2017. The team hopes to have their product completely developed by 2018, have it to consumers in 2019 and to TELCOs in 2020.

The Ammbr Foundation was formed in Singapore and has development partners in a number of different countries from around the world such as Switzerland, Belgium and the United States. If you want to learn more about the company, their product or anything at all, be sure to visit their website at