Kim Dotcom Teases Micro-tipping App Bitcache for Youtubers

On August 26 the notorious Kim Dotcom released a preview of his new Bitcache platform for Youtubers. Additionally, Youtube creators with 500,000 followers can direct message Dotcom for a beta partnership opportunity.

With Bitcache Fans Can Tip Their Favorite Youtubers mBTC for Content

Kim Dotcom has been teasing his new product for quite some time, and recently reported on his last announcement that Bitcache was coming this August. Well, Dotcom hasn’t released the platform yet, but revealed a new video of the Bitcache application that’s aimed at Youtube content creators. From the video, the app looks like a plugin similar to Protip, where users can add a tipping extension to their browser and tip Youtube content creators microtransactions paid in bitcoin.

The video shows the application’s user interface that features a content creator setting a desired amount of mBTC for tipping. Moreover, the Youtuber can toggle between multiple hosting venues like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Creative Cloud and more. When looking at a Youtube page from the viewer’s side, a Bitcache download button appears on the page, where fans can donate the set amount of mBTC to their favorite channels.

Youtubers With 500k Subscribers Can Join the Beta Partnership

Much like many of Dotcom’s previous teases, the Bitcache video is short, only 49 seconds long. The entire teaser doesn’t show much of the platform’s interface but quickly shows a few key elements. We do know the platform will operate with microtransactions by utilizing an off-chain technique. Dotcom explained last year, “In order to provide a service that works with bitcoin, we had to come up with our own payment solution. The bitcoin basically enters the Bitcache wallet system off the chain.”

On Twitter Dotcom tells his fans about the teaser video and explains he has beta partnership opportunities for Youtubers with a large following.   

“Youtubers with 500k+ subscribers may direct message me for beta partnership,” Dotcom details on Twitter. As usual, individuals waiting for Bitcache will just have to wait and be content with Dotcom’s latest teaser.

What do you think about Kim Dotcom’s latest Bitcache tease? Are you looking forward to this application or do you think it won’t be a big deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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